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Dordogne Wildlife Diary


Welcome to my Dordogne Wildlife Diary


In it you will find regular wildlife sightings in the département of Dordogne, notably of birds and butterflies in southern Dordogne where I live. In adddition there will be occasional references to neighbouring départements such as Lot et Garonne, Gironde, the Lot and places further afield. Check out the Faune-Aquitaine website for the latest wildlife sightings in Dordogne and Aquitaine.


Where possible I will add photographs to illustrate the entry. Many thanks to Margaret Mills (family photo) and Denis Cauchoix (birdwatcher photo).


I hope that you enjoy my diary and look forward to your comments.

the wrong lizard...

By audave2505, Oct 31 2020 11:07AM

I was in the garden a week or so ago proudly showing my new little plantation of blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes to Audrey, when she said "look along the flower border there's a little lizard". Assuming it was a Common Wall Lizard, which are very common here, I had a cursory glance and saw something rather dark and stocky. I fact Audrey remarked that it looked rather like an animal scat. I got by binocs and checked it: a juvenile Green Lizard. The first juvenile seen in the garden - thanks to Audrey of course who is much more observant than me...at least of things on the ground! So I just finished off some work I was doing else where in the garden and returned with a camera. Inevitably it had gone, the sun had moved round, it was warm enough and had retreated into the vegetation. I thought "oh well I'll just wait for the next sunny morning and photograph it then". Unfortunately bad weather set in and I didn't get a chance for several days to check the situation, but unfortunately it hadn't returned. I've tried since on sunny mornings and decided that we must have seen the lizard on its last basking session before hibernation. So I will have to wait until next spring now! Anyway to finish off my article, I photographed this stripy female Common Wall Lizard (the males are spotty) nearby lately, at least they are still basking on sunny days!

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