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The wide range of habitats around the holiday cottage and through Dordogne in general, means that there is a great diversity of fauna and flora. Both Roe and Red Deer regularly visit our meadows whilst Red Squirrels are common. Beech and Pine Martin are found throughout the forests and near the river there are populations of Genet.


In wet weather in spring and autumn, amphibians are active at night and locally there are populations of such species as Midwife Toad, Marbled Newt, Stripeless Tree Frog and Fire Salamander. Wall Lizards are very common with Green Lizard widespread, whilst snakes such as Western Whip-snake and Grass Snake are present.


Apart from butterflies there is a good range of moths with over 500 species recorded here, including the Giant Peacock Moth, Clifden Nonpareil, Hummingbird and Bee Hawk-moths and Tau Emperor. Dragonflies are also notable with around 50 species recorded locally including specialities such as the Western Spectre and Orange Spotted Emerald. Other invertebrates are similarly diverse.


In spring from late March there is a beautiful display of orchids and wild flowers including the orchids: Lady, Sombre Bee, Woodcock, Lizard, Red Helleborine and Violet Limodore. Unusual wild flowers include the lavendar-like Staelelina dubia and Swallow-wort.

roe deer

Ascalaphids Libelloides coccajus

Roe Deer







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